Things to Do

There is something for everyone here..
Your ultimate playground


Adrenaline Junkies
Whether it’s an easy ride or a bit of an adventurous route. Don’t worry, every ride are accompanied by our staff :)

300THB/30mins per ATV
Marshmallow / Bonfire
Let’s have s’mores fun!
Keep warm from the Khao Yai chilly nights with our campfire. Plus, it’s on the house!
Get those legs Pump'in
Check out the scenery local style, whether you want to enjoy the breeze in the morning or just a chill ride towards a café nearby.
The Te Mata Room Service
At Te Mata Glamping where FUN is definitely a part of our DNA.
Step into the world of games and toys, tools that’ll help bring family and friends together (ranging from children’s toys to board games to drinking game).

Please contact your Glamp Host for more information.
Workout Equipments
It’s a lifestyle
For the workout addicts, don’t let the holidays disturb your routine. Let us know what you need..! (mats, dumbbells)
Thai Massage
A massage is always a good idea.
Treat yourself to our Thai massage way to be even more relaxed.
Water Activities (Lakeside)
Kayak + SUP
Take a stroll around your own private lake; kayak with the kids or train your balance on our paddle board (don’t worry there won’t be waves)!
Seasonal Garden (Royale)
The greatest wealth is health
Seasonal veggies garden for the healthy right at your doorstep.


Cafe (all):
  • - The Mew*
  • - Doctor Coffee*
  • - Daydreaming
  • - Chonnabot
Nicer Night Atmosphere:
  • - Sireena Italian Restaurant*
  • - Prime 19
  • - Midwinter
  • - Ribs Mann
  • - PB Valley*
  • - Please Don’t tell
  • - Bucolic
  • - Yellow Submarine Coffee Tank
  • - The Birder’s Lodge
For Kids:
  • - Farm Chokchai*
  • - Bonanza Exzotic Zoo
  • - My Ozone Animal Club
Local Resto (Thai food):
  • - Yoong Kao*
  • - Pen Lao
  • - Gin Len Eatery & Play*
  • - Lookkai Cafe
*Te Mata Selects