Drinks & Dine

The best way to celebrate the holidays is
with some delicious food.


The Ultimate start to a fabulous day ahead!

No more not making it to the brekkie..wake up at your own time & choose your own menu (even when they’re not on the list)!

BBQ Dinner

What’s glamping without BBQing?

From our imported meat & fish to organic salad veggies.. Let us know what we could prepare for you.

It’s grill & chill o’clock!

A La Carte

We have various menu for our in-glamp dining where we source ingredients from renown suppliers.

Kitchen time: 9am - 9pm


Why overthink, when you can over drink? Enjoy our diverse list of beverages from non-alcoholic choices to alcohlic ones (including Te Mata Estate wine).

High Tea Picnic

When life is no pique nique, create your own: by the pool or in the park.. At Te Mata Glamping have it your way.


The ultimate cure for the the OCDs (obsessive chocolate disorder)!

ALL you need is MORE chocolate & strawberries & bananas & biscuits..& more sweets!

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